Weekend Inspiration: Twiggy

February 6, 2015

Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy, was an English model, actress and singer who was arguably before her time. Twiggy was the supermodel of the 1960’s, providing a new look for the swinging sixties. She paved the way and brought a visual to the public that had not been seen before. Twiggy provided an androgynous look through her thin, boyish build (hence the nickname), short, pixie cut, strong jaw line, large doe eyes adorned with long, full eyelashes and legs that lasted for miles. She started modeling at age 15 in 1964 and shortly after Twiggy’s fame spread worldwide. She was on the cover of Vogue Magazine multiple times and had modeled in France, Japan, and the U.S. by the time she was 18.  She would willingly attend London’s trendy parties and public events dressed in the latest trends. Twiggy’s fashion had a very broad variety of looks and there was no doubt that she was able to pull off every one she tried. From fringe to feathers, bold shapes to rising hemlines, Twiggy was able to wear it. So here’s to you, Twiggy, we adore what you have done for the fashion world. Where would we be without your mini skirts?!



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Krispyfringe’s very own take on Twiggy and her brilliant style.

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