Vintage Inspiration: DIY

January 2, 2015

A Few KF Brooches From Our Selection.

Vintage DIY:

Krispyfringe has so many beautiful brooches in the store! The KF team has discussed the use of brooches in our modern day society and feel that they are not worn nearly enough. Very few people use brooches as an addition to their style and we think that these pretty gems need a bit of an update. We want to help you find a way to spice up your favorite brooch, whether it belonged to a loved one in the family, it was a thrift store score, or you happened to purchase it right from our store, we want to help! After doing a bit of research we decided that a necklace made from vintage jewelry is absolutely adorable.


DIY Brooch Necklace


You will need:

  1. Pliers
  2. Chain (with large enough loops for a pin to pass through)
  3. Jump Rings
  4. Lobster Closure
  5. Vintage Brooch



Step One: measure the chain around your neck and make sure you like the length.


Step Two: Start pinning the brooches to the chain. Just like you would on a jacket or a scarf. Continue this until your brooches are completely clustered together.


Step Three: Connect your jump ring to the lobster claw closure. Continue to connect the jump ring to one end of the chain and voila! The perfect vintage DIY necklace!

image (3)