krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Dawn’s Picks


  1. 70s Novelty Print Shirt Novelty prints are the best. I love having something that feels completely unique and one of a kind. This one’s for the decadent confident disco guy.   2. Floral Tooled Leather Wallet   3. Psychedelic Top I like to think a lot of button-down tops are unisex (unless they… Read more »

krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Margot’s Picks


Margot has a strong interest in 1960’s/1970’s prints and striking colors. 1. 1960’s printed paisley mug 2. Printed Wool Coat: Brand: Gallery. This printed wool coat is from the 80’s and makes quite the statement. The loud colors paired with a classic toggle closure give it a truly unique look. 3. Elephant Tea Pot 4…. Read more »