krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Dawn’s Picks

March 20, 2015


1. 70s Novelty Print Shirt

Novelty prints are the best. I love having something that feels completely unique and one of a kind. This one’s for the decadent confident disco guy.


2. Floral Tooled Leather Wallet


3. Psychedelic Top

I like to think a lot of button-down tops are unisex (unless they have darting), so anyone could rock this psychedelic shirt. Twice the fun! It’s such an amazing print, too, a whole lot going on with two simple colors.


4. Owl Necklace

More owls! This necklace is the bees knees. The owl is jointed a few times, so it dangles pretty freely. He’s a small and dainty statement piece. I’ve only seen a few of this type before– pretty sure Avon was cranking these out in the 70s though.


5. Floral Coffee Pump Pot

This far-out coffee pot makes me think of breakfast in the summer, which is probably why I picked it. Chicago winter is finally at an end, so fantasies about sunny outdoor coffee drinking abound, naturally.


6. 70’s Jersey Maxi Dress


7. Owl Cookie Jar

I’m a sucker for owls, especially in housewares from the 60s and 70s! This owl cookie jar is super unique. I’ve never seen another one like it. Such a groovy bird!


8. Lace Victorian Blouse

This fantasy of a blouse is so similar to a Gunne Sax design. It makes me think of forests in the spring.


9. White Fringe Ankle Boots

These make me think of Sloane from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off every time I see them. They’re unreal! Fringe is always in (in my opinion, and always in my closet)!


10. Chunky Bangles

Now that spring’s on the horizon, I’ve been pulling the chunky bracelets out of the back of my jewelry box. I probably wear bangles every day in the warmer months. It’s so easy to brighten up your mood/outfit with a couple of sweet clankin’ bracelets.


11, Mushroom Curtains

Pinch me! I love mushroom motifs. Like owls, they are super 60s/70s, and one of my favorite things. These curtains are extra special because they have little deer all over them too!