Krispy Blog: DIY

February 8, 2015

When looking at all the beautiful earrings we have in the store we decided to consider the idea of wearing clip-on earrings for one night. By the end of the night your ears are throbbing and you feel the urge to ditch them. The vintage clip-on’s that we have in store are absolutely gorgeous. So the question was, how could we put these beautiful little gems to use without inflicting pain on our poor lobes…



Only a small section of KF’s wall of earrings.



Pick out your favorite clip-ons.


Grab a corresponding pair of shoes. Pumps work best but you are able to use many different styles of shoe really..



Simply clip the earring on to the toe, and voila! Your shoes have now become a statement piece. Pick a fun outfit and enjoy!

IMG_1491 IMG_1496 IMG_1504