Guilt Free Vintage: The Debate On Fur

December 31, 2014

Guilt Free Vintage!

With such cold weather rolling into The City it is important to have appropriate and fashionable outerwear. A fur coat is one of the warmest things one can wear while enduring this frigid weather. When discussing fur in fashion, there are inevitable ethical arguments that arise. While people may feel disgusted, guilty or morally incorrect when wearing a new garment made with fur, at KF, we view vintage fur differently. Purchasing vintage fur has many benefits. While buying a brand new fur coat may be perceived as unethical and supporting a dark industry with few morals, vintage pieces are different.  For starters, purchasing a quality item that has lasted for decades has little to no environmental impact. According to The Fur Council of Canada, fur is “natural, renewable, biodegradable and energy efficient. “ The unethical arguments that follow the fur industry are muted when it comes to vintage goods. When trying a substitute for authentic fur, many shoppers turn to synthetic fur, perhaps visually comparable to fur, yet not nearly as insulating and often produced with fast fashion intentions in an unconscious manner rather than as a quality, durable, natural garment which is sure to last double the time of synthetic fiber.  The fibers used to construct fake fur are primarily acrylic, which is produced from non-renewable petroleum byproducts. Purchasing vintage garments is a sustainable choice. Vintage furs are not only a great deal from a price standpoint, but you can keep yourself warm while saving something from the dumpster.

We are closing out 2014 and entering the year 2015. Fashion lovers are responsible and obligated to be conscious and educated about their purchases. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Fashionistas.