Summer Textile Necessities

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With the warmer months approaching it is important to have the right wardrobe to keep yourself feeling cool, calm and collected. We all know how hot Chicago’s summer can get so this year, be smart about your purchases and grab the fabrics that will keep you the coolest. Lighter fabrics with the most absorbency and… Read more »

krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Dawn’s Picks


  1. 70s Novelty Print Shirt Novelty prints are the best. I love having something that feels completely unique and one of a kind. This one’s for the decadent confident disco guy.   2. Floral Tooled Leather Wallet   3. Psychedelic Top I like to think a lot of button-down tops are unisex (unless they… Read more »

Krispyfringe joins Bitter Betty Bazaar

 We are so incredibly excited to announce that we will be involved in The Bitter Betty Bazaar in a few weeks four our first time ever! The pop up shop will be held Sunday March 22nd from 12-6PM. We will be enjoying the wonderful afternoon alongside Tarnish, Ad Hoc, and Study Hall. It is… Read more »

krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Margot’s Picks


Margot has a strong interest in 1960’s/1970’s prints and striking colors. 1. 1960’s printed paisley mug 2. Printed Wool Coat: Brand: Gallery. This printed wool coat is from the 80’s and makes quite the statement. The loud colors paired with a classic toggle closure give it a truly unique look. 3. Elephant Tea Pot 4…. Read more »

krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Emme’s Picks


Emme’s Picks has an intense focus on bold colors and strong shapes     1. Mint Green Dress Brand: Miss couture This soft green paneled dress has a subtle strength with it’s quilted fabric acting as a pattern. I’d have some fun with this one pairing it with some brightly colored psychedelic tights.   2…. Read more »

Valentine’s Day Special: The Evolution of Lingerie


Over the decades lingerie has certainly had it’s ups and downs. From bloomers to thongs, and taping the breasts down to create a flat chest to “Super Push Up” bras we really have made it a long way. Lingerie was once used to control the shape of the women’s body. Throughout the decades we have… Read more »

Krispy Blog: DIY

When looking at all the beautiful earrings we have in the store we decided to consider the idea of wearing clip-on earrings for one night. By the end of the night your ears are throbbing and you feel the urge to ditch them. The vintage clip-on’s that we have in store are absolutely gorgeous. So… Read more »

Weekend Inspiration: Twiggy


Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy, was an English model, actress and singer who was arguably before her time. Twiggy was the supermodel of the 1960’s, providing a new look for the swinging sixties. She paved the way and brought a visual to the public that had not been seen before. Twiggy provided an androgynous… Read more »

Fashion Flashback: Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix was a powerhouse. Not only was his music unique, original and groundbreaking but his style was a whole other story. Jimi Hendrix was and currently still is a fashion icon. He helped paved the way for a ground breaking psychadelic era. Jimi, among many other musicians of his time dressed in bold prints,… Read more »