krispyfringe Vintage Staff Favorites: Emme’s Picks

Emme’s Picks has an intense focus on bold colors and strong shapes



1. Mint Green Dress Brand: Miss couture

This soft green paneled dress has a subtle strength with it’s quilted fabric acting as a pattern. I’d have some fun with this one pairing it with some brightly colored psychedelic tights.


2. Polka Dot Top

Brand: Handmade

I’m crazy about prints, especially polka dots, and this sweet sleeveless top with its peter pan collar and neck bow adds a lot of personality to an outfit without being too loud. I’d wear it with a pair of jeans and some chunky red shoes.


3. Orange Dress

Brand: Mamselle by Betty Carol

I love this orange tweed dress from the 60s for its cut and color. Its got a straight mod mini dress cut, giving the body a bold chunk of color and leaving the legs long and bear. Match this with some tall boots and a piece of large statement jewelry to complete the composition.


4. Mod Yellow Lamp

This vintage yellow chrome lamp is the perfect example of bold color and strong shape. It’s spherical head, flexible neck, and bold base would add a burst of style and form to any desk.


5. Chevron Skirt

Brand: Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union

I’m in love with maxi skirts right now, especially ones that can be the focal point of the outfit. I’d go monochromatic with this one wearing it with a form fitting brown top and high-heeled boots. By keeping everything else brown and form fitting the pattern and shape of the skirt becomes all-important.


6. Picnic basket

This tin picnic basket is so charming with it’s painted on wood grain.


Valentine’s Day Special: The Evolution of Lingerie

Over the decades lingerie has certainly had it’s ups and downs. From bloomers to thongs, and taping the breasts down to create a flat chest to “Super Push Up” bras we really have made it a long way. Lingerie was once used to control the shape of the women’s body. Throughout the decades we have laced corsets too tight for air and burned bras for liberation and freedom from feminine ideals. The lingerie women wore directly mirrored what was going on in society. Undergarments matter.


1700’s: Women were wearing corsets and farthingales (wire hooped skirts). The ideal body shape was flat chested with a tiny waist, the farthingale widened the bottom half to highlight the waist.

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1800-1830: The waist became more of a natural feature and the bust was then highlighted. Corsets began to stop right below the bust line and they lost the shaping of the skirts. Narrow Petticoats were then worn.


1830-1900: The corsets were laced tight and the length of them dropped back down past the waist to create an idealized hourglass shape. There was heavy flaring at the hips to further exaggerate the small waist.

1900’s: Corsets began to change into an “S” shape which pushed the bust forward and the derriere back. The skirts were still wider at the hips continuing to highlight the waist.

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1910’s: The figure was idealized as a slimmer, narrow look. Corsets dropped to reach the thighs and long rubber girdles began to replace corsets.1a50d301f79437a8f7569c0669f4225b 8b8d1952001270e7328c988c57da0a67

1920’s: The sought after boyish figure was then originated. Corsets and girdles continued to narrow the hips and bandeau bras began to be worn which offered little support for the bust. This allowed for flatter chests and slimmer figures. Women were interested in a more androgynous look and would actually tape their breasts down to hide the chest.

1920c2b4s-underwear images

1930’s and 1940’s:  Women went back to their natural curves and feminine shape. Girdles were shorter and the bra’s were not very supportive. They began wearing slips underneath their clothing to provide a smooth silhouette.

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1950’s: The ideal figure was a curvy, hourglass. Bra’s began to shape into more of a pointed, conical look. Corsets and girdles were still worn and petticoats were added underneath a skirt for extra volume.

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1960’s and 1970’s: These two decades began to make lingerie less restrictive and more comfortable. Corsets were no longer the norm. The natural curves and feminine shapes were back, pantyhose began to be worn instead of stockings, and the baby doll silhouette was very in.  During these decades women were burning their bras in protest of equal rights. Women were fed up of being limited to being only a mother or house-wife.

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1980’s: The 80’s was quite the decade. Women became more empowered during these years and lingerie no longer controlled the shape of the body. Thongs, G-strings and bodysuits were all very trendy during the 80’s

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1990’s: Cleavage was a much sought after thing in the 1990’s. Lingerie became much simpler and more comfortable. Most women were just wearing a bra and underwear or thong.

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2000-Present: Flat stomach and large bust are desired features during this era yet we are learning to accept the beauty of our bodies in all shapes and sizes. Some bra’s have adapted into “Super Push Up” and have gel inserts to accentuate cleavage and a large chest. Shape wear like Spanx have developed in order to smooth the body underneath clothing.

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Krispy Blog: DIY

When looking at all the beautiful earrings we have in the store we decided to consider the idea of wearing clip-on earrings for one night. By the end of the night your ears are throbbing and you feel the urge to ditch them. The vintage clip-on’s that we have in store are absolutely gorgeous. So the question was, how could we put these beautiful little gems to use without inflicting pain on our poor lobes…



Only a small section of KF’s wall of earrings.



Pick out your favorite clip-ons.


Grab a corresponding pair of shoes. Pumps work best but you are able to use many different styles of shoe really..



Simply clip the earring on to the toe, and voila! Your shoes have now become a statement piece. Pick a fun outfit and enjoy!

IMG_1491 IMG_1496 IMG_1504

Weekend Inspiration: Twiggy

Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy, was an English model, actress and singer who was arguably before her time. Twiggy was the supermodel of the 1960’s, providing a new look for the swinging sixties. She paved the way and brought a visual to the public that had not been seen before. Twiggy provided an androgynous look through her thin, boyish build (hence the nickname), short, pixie cut, strong jaw line, large doe eyes adorned with long, full eyelashes and legs that lasted for miles. She started modeling at age 15 in 1964 and shortly after Twiggy’s fame spread worldwide. She was on the cover of Vogue Magazine multiple times and had modeled in France, Japan, and the U.S. by the time she was 18.  She would willingly attend London’s trendy parties and public events dressed in the latest trends. Twiggy’s fashion had a very broad variety of looks and there was no doubt that she was able to pull off every one she tried. From fringe to feathers, bold shapes to rising hemlines, Twiggy was able to wear it. So here’s to you, Twiggy, we adore what you have done for the fashion world. Where would we be without your mini skirts?!



image (4)

Krispyfringe’s very own take on Twiggy and her brilliant style.

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Fashion Flashback: Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix was a powerhouse. Not only was his music unique, original and groundbreaking but his style was a whole other story. Jimi Hendrix was and currently still is a fashion icon. He helped paved the way for a ground breaking psychadelic era. Jimi, among many other musicians of his time dressed in bold prints, adorned himself in jewelry, and was never afraid of wearing clothing that may be considered feminine. Jimi was truly a unique musician with a style of his own. He expressed himself through many different forms of art, music, fashion, writing and drawing. He was a smart artist with a lot to say, an icon of freedom, creativity and boundless inspiration. Play the video and listen to Jimi’s guitar scream while you scroll through these pictures and become inspired.


IMG_1177703f1b656020e2fd885fa8911ca0c399cefd6c0422d646ec2fd0a7623c1781e1 959bb86e41875635ed9c0093a2ab94a172683b97f8f6abd71c994aaacb1ea579 02ef6703aa3c588edae6dee9557ad627 a2fb6fe2a47b104cce195ecd86295562 e8377eb0c7a67e99000ee6a0ab69db40 be7a78d8dda73d1d819dc16bb4310e9d 2429b1433b58f3f56f0f4c7e821aea03 09da40a31273ad4db2b5c041bfb94369 9b5df0ec7771ad4ac314d25a07276f74 65be5e792cffa5b97682d5f3bf7c0d80 01ac0ab435b147e4d35403b2bcc8360a dea3a7b7271267921674987d73e31262